Under 35 is Alive©

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Is your motorcycle under 35 years old, and are you under 35 years old?  Is your bike as old or older than you are? If so, Riding into History™ (RIH) has a fantastic new class to display your motorcycle!!

The normal year of manufacture cut off date to enter your motorcycle into the Concours for RIH is 35 years.  However there are many motorcycles that do not meet this age limit.

In order to interest the younger generation into collecting and showing motorcycles, RIH has created a new class.

We are calling this new class “Under 35 is Alive!©” .  If you are between 14 and 34 years of age and your motorcycle is at least as old as you are (but younger than 35), you can enter it in this special class.  The younger you are the newer your motorcycle can be.

This class definitely favors the younger collector by allowing them to enter a newer motorcycle. However for practical reasons it is limited to 14 year olds and 14 year old motorcycles, because that is how old you must be to ride a motorcycle.

Here is a great example.  One of our member’s grandsons (pictured with his bike above) is 16 (year of birth 2007), he owns a dirt bike that was produced in 2007, and he can enter it.

If he were 20 (year of birth 2003) his motorcycle would have to be produced in 2003 or earlier to be entered.  Motorcycle must be at least as old as owner.

This category will be limited to the first 25 motorcycles entered. (Note: ages will be liberally construed in order to get you youngsters interested)  Have fun!!

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