Don Bradley Motorcycle Artist

“Milwaukee Road” – 2014

Riding Into HistoryDon Bradley

Riding Into History’s 15th annual for the year 2014.  The motorcycle is a Harley Davidson VLDD, 80″, SV, 45°, V Twin, with 1933 graphics. (in 1936, Harley Davidson changed the alpha designation for the eighty inch model to VHL)

“Good Morning America, how are you?  Say, don’t you know us?  We are your native sons.  As “time machines” of steam and gasoline, we’ll be going 500 miles before the day is done!”

In the background is number “2” of The Milwaukee Road’s, Class “A”, 4-4-2, “Hiawatha” steam locomotives.  Built for the Milwaukee road’s  high speed passenger run between Chicago and St. Paul, these steam trains were capable of speeds in excess of 110 mph.  Four were constructed by Alco of Schenectady, NY.  (American Locomotive Company)  Two were built in 1935, an additional one in 1936 and the fourth in 1937.

Full size “Giclee” print, 30″ x 23″ image, edition of 100, signed and numbered, on acid free stock.  From an acrylic painting by Don Bradley.