Introducing Riding Into History’s New Chairman

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Riding Into History is excited to introduce our new Chairman Jennifer Samioglou.  She is an enthusiastic motorcycle rider and will contribute a lot to Riding Into History.  Here is Jennifer’s introduction in her words:

About thirteen years ago my husband decided he wanted a motorcycle.  He set a specific income goal and a few months later a promotion put him right where he wanted to be.  He also decided that due to our son being younger it would be a good idea if we purchased a smaller bike for me in case he wanted to ride with us, so that I could ride my own and our son could ride on the back with him.   A few weeks later we rolled a 2001 Buell Blast off the back of our truck and I didn’t have a clue what to do with it.  After some brief instruction from on of my lifelong friends, I started doing circles in my cul-de-sac and at 10 miles per hour found the joy of the wind, riding, and the machines.  My husband had unknowingly created a monster.

My daily ride now is a 2015 HD Street Glide and since that time I have ridden close to two hundred thousands miles, crossed the county sole several times, joined the Jacksonville Beaches Chrome Divas, and been involved with several local charity events.  Our son has also developed the love of riding and has taken several road trips with us.

About nine years ago the Jacksonville Beaches Chrome Divas were invited to volunteer with Riding Into History.  That started a wonderful relationship that both parties are proud of.  We now handle several areas the day of the event, including the gate and hospitality.

After working with the planning committee for the last few years I have been selected to be the Chairman of the coming event.  Seeing the level of dedication and knowledge possessed by our entirely volunteer staff is humbling to say the least, but I am extremely grateful to be entrusted by them to lead as Chairman.  Words can hardly express how privileged I feel to be selected for this prestigious position.

Recent past chair, Marina Alley has set the bar very high.  Under her leadership we have been able to streamline the event and an increase in sponsorship has enabled us to increase our charity donation up to $40,000 for the last two years.  My goal is to keep up the momentum and have the best event possible.  Thank you everyone for your confidence in me.  I look forward to serving the event to the best of my ability.