Why Enter Riding Into History?

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We know there are many, many shows around featuring vintage and classic motorcycles. A lot of them donate to worthy charities. They give nice awards. Some mix cars with bikes, some are motorcycle only.

Why Riding Into History?

Well, we may be biased, but we believe we offer a unique experience. In fact, given the number of repeat guests we enjoy, we’re pretty certain we offer something special. So, for those who may not have attended RIH and/or are considering entry, let’s go over some reasons why we feel this way.

First and foremost, you pay nothing to enter our show, yet we have managed to donate over $400,000 to charities, including $125,000 in just the last three years to our local charity K9s For Warriors. Every entrant gets a free gift, a different one each year. We don’t just have a handful of classes, we have twenty-seven. We award trophies to about a third of all entrants, and what trophies! RIH takes pride in always having different, unique trophies.

Then there is our site, the World Golf Village. Beautifully manicured grounds, the bikes arrayed around the lake on pavers backed by shady grass areas. No mud on the tires, no wet fairways in the morning, and everything accessible.

So what happens when you show up? Pull into the reserved unloading area where experienced handlers will be standing by to help as needed. You’ll whisk through sign in (we average about three bikes a minute), a bike wrangler will assist you in getting the bike to the right class where a class marshal will help place it. When you’re done, you can park your rig, on site, in our entrant lot. A golf cart shuttle will quickly return you to the show ground. Feel free to bring a chair or two and a cooler. The show area is perfect for lazing away the day, behind most spots.

Hungry, thirsty? In addition to the restaurant and the café, we have food trucks for your dining pleasure. Take a walk, check out the field, it’s a pleasant half mile stroll around the lake. Stop at the charity store and help out the K9s by picking up a tee shirt or poster. Meet our Grand Marshal and get that new poster autographed. Browse our vendor booths and club exhibits. Meanwhile our teams of judges are scrutinizing the competition.

Soon enough it’s 3:00 PM and time for the awards ceremony. Hopefully, you’ll win and have your photo taken receiving the trophy from the Grand Marshal, a picture that will be posted online for all to see.

Time to load up and head home? Not yet. Look in your goodie bag and you will find a coupon for a free beer, perfect after a warm, sunny day. Just one though, we want to safely come back next year. Get you rig and you’ll find a fresh crew of wranglers to assist in getting you loaded up and on your way home.

Now that’s a great show. But as they say on TV, “wait there’s more”. Riding Into History is VERY spouse friendly because you can have a great weekend in St. Augustine. Come early and take part in Friday’s Grand Marshal Ride; a fifty mile vintage bike ride through some of north Florida’s prettiest roads ending at a riverfront restaurant for lunch. Then join us later at the GM Dinner, held in Golf Hall of Fame; good food, better company, famous guests. Don’t worry about staying out late, you can walk to the World Golf Village onsite hotel and condos. After the show spend Sunday downtown in the Ancient City, visit the Castillo National Park, walk St. George St., dine at one of the city’s fine bistros.

We’ve been at this for eighteen years, we are certainly not faultless, there are always glitches, but we aim to improve every year and we believe you’ll see why we are so proud of what Riding Into History has evolved into.