Bring the Kids! Youth Judging at Riding into History™

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[Photo credit Amy Jacques]

The thrill of owning and riding motorcycles has been going on for well over one hundred years. Since the beginning, families across this great nation and across the world have enjoyed two-wheeled adventures together. At Riding into History™, we would like to share some of this rich story with you and the children in your lives. This is a perfect opportunity for kids to come and witness the beauty and learn about the functionality of these incredible vintage and antique machines.

Our Youth Judging Program gives the participating kids short lessons in judging and critiquing vintage and antique motorcycles from different eras. Our Youth Judging Program was introduced in 2014 as the first ever Youth Judging Program. Others are following suit with the same hopes of exposing the next generation to the motorcycling bug.

We find that when you engage and most of all INCLUDE younger people in the event and the experience of the show, they get more excited to hang out with us older folks and in part, share our passion for motorcycles. You see it’s a win-win for us and for them.

With all this said, it sounds great. But it’s up to YOU the exhibitor and/or attendee to BRING THE KIDS TO THE SHOW!!!

We are looking for boys AND girls ages 8 to 16 to participate in our Youth Judging Program. We will guide the group of excited youngsters through the program. It’s fun, rewarding and they feel like accomplished judges when it’s time to reveal the winning Youth Judged Bike.

Please consider bringing your family member or the family member of a friend and talk to them about participating in our Youth Judging Program. You won’t regret it. In fact, you might gain a new buddy for functions like Riding into History™. Visit (or click the button below) to sign up your family member in advance.  You can still register at the event!