Another Preview of a 2016 Riding Into History Display

Riding Into HistoryRIH 2016

God Save the Queen!

Frank Lipinski isn’t British. Nor is he a fan of the royal family. But he IS a Triumph guy, and Triumph has a long history of issuing limited editions commemorating special events related to the Queen and her family.

Frank will be bringing four of his Triumphs to Riding Into History. The earliest, a 1977, celebrates the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1952. Triumph made 2500 of these but nowadays far fewer remain. In 2002, the Queen celebrated her 50th anniversary and Triumph duly released a Golden Jubilee model. So Frank bought one to add to the set.

In 1982 all of Britain was agog over the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. What else could Triumph do but create a Royal Wedding Edition? So they did. And Frank found one of the 250 built.

Add in his 2014 Special Edition (one of a kind) and Frank has a display of 37 years of very special Triumph Bonnevilles. You will find them assembled as a group amidst the British Motorcycle category.

Stop by and pay your respects to the Queen and her court.

Video of the unveiling of the 2014 Special Edition Triumph at by Randy Baxter at Baxter Cycles in Marne, Iowa.